our caviar

Caviar Gold Selection is a harmony between the best species of sturgeon.

  • Schrenckii Acipenser, belonging to the Oscietra family.
  • Huso Dauricus, belonging to the Beluga family.

Both species have their origin in Russia.


These sturgeons are breeded in the crystal clear waters of Lake Qiandao also known as the Thousand Island Lake in the chinese province of Zhejian. Lake Qiandao has 1.078 large islands and a few  thousand smaller ones scattered accross it . The lake covers an area of 573 km2 and has a storage capacity of 17.8 km3.

Product charachteristics

The main peculiarity of of this caviar is the high quality  and generous size  of its pearls, similar to the ones of Beluga. They are round and firm, can be easily  separated and have a beautiful grey color with golden shades. This caviar has a slight herbal  flavour together with a  soft nutty taste and a delicate iodine touch. Its size is between  2,9 and 3,3 mm.


* Our product complies with the current food legislation of the European Union.